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5 Reasons to Switch from HPS to Advanced LED Grow Lights

Growing is all about creating the future. Which means you want grow light technology that’s ready for the future. Today. We give you five reasons that will help convince you to make the switch from outdated HPS to advanced LED grow lights. There was a time when High-Pressure Sodium (HPS) bulbs were lighting up most indoor cultivation growers. But times – and especially technology – have changed, and there’s now an industry consensus growing around the use of LED technology. What does the industry like so much about LED? We’re here to answer that. LED ADVANTAGE #1: Your Plants Get the Full Spectrum of Light If you want to mimic natural light indoors, you should be using the best technology...

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PPF & PPFD Guide to Comparing GROW-LEDS

Essential information to compare horticultural lights In the following we would like to introduce you to the PPF and PPFD measures. They are of great importance and can give you essential information on the performance of a light source, which is used to promote plant growth. Furthermore, the PPF value allows you to compare different light sources and select the appropriate substitute for standard light sources, which are used in horticulture. PPF PPF is the abbreviation for “photosynthetic photon flux“. It gives the information on the number of photons, which are emitted by a light source. Only photons in the wavelength range from 400nm to 700nm are considered. This is the so-called PAR (photosynthetic active region) and photons within these wavelengths contribute...

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