Eco Setup or Expert Setup

Not every customer wants to make maximum efforts for maximum yield.

Different consumers have different intentions to maximize. One consumer wants to minimize effort (plant care), electricity consumption or investment costs, so he is better off with an Eco Setup. Another customer wants to push the limits of what is possible. Since the higher purchase costs and the somewhat higher power consumption are not an issue for him, he may opt for an Expert Setup, which includes a dimmer.


  • 50% less power consumption than with HPS (with the same calculated PPFD) and thus the same harvest quantity
  • Cheaper to buy
  • Reduced maintenance of the plants (e.g. nutrient supply)
  • Less heat development (advantage at high ambient temperatures)
  • Lower power intensity (due to larger module spacing) enables lower minimum distances (can be an advantage for height problems)
  • Applications that require lower intensities (mother or pure growth areas)


  • 30% less power consumption than with HPS (with 15 – 20% more calculated PPFD)
  • Much higher yield opportunities than possible with HPS
  • More expensive to buy
  • Requires gardening skills and increases the effort for care of the plants
  • Dimmer recommended -> "Ready-to-dim"