5 Reasons to Switch from HPS to Advanced LED Grow Lights

Growing is all about creating the future. Which means you want grow light technology that’s ready for the future. Today.

We give you five reasons that will help convince you to make the switch from outdated HPS to advanced LED grow lights.

There was a time when High-Pressure Sodium (HPS) bulbs were lighting up most indoor cultivation growers. But times – and especially technology – have changed, and there’s now an industry consensus growing around the use of LED technology. What does the industry like so much about LED? We’re here to answer that.

Your Plants Get the Full Spectrum of Light

If you want to mimic natural light indoors, you should be using the best technology to accomplish that. That’s where the advancements in LED grow lighting can be a game-changer for you. LED grow lights provide a light spectrum that closely mirrors the sun’s natural radiation. Where MH bulbs provide a blue spectrum or HPS radiate red, LEDs output the entire visible spectrum.

Using a balanced combination – or range of colors – making the switch from HPS to LED can give your plants:

  • The blue and violet parts of the light spectrum, just like the outdoor light that is available during the growth seasons of spring – hues they need for sturdy growth and root development.
  • Your plants get the red they need for impressive blooms and high yields.
  • They get white light to increase plant potency and green to promote penetration through the canopy.

One more thing…With Sanlight LED Q-Series Gen2 modules designed to be flexible, you can use them for various applications and adjust to the type of growth you want in your plants.

Higher Yield and Product Quality

Today’s LED grow lights give you as much light intensity as your HPS bulbs. Add in the full light spectrum capabilities of LED, and that combination can result in better-than-expected yields than with HPS.

More about LED’s full light spectrum capabilities… getting the right light for the right stage of development is the formula for success. You can do that easily with LEDs. You can even use variable spectrum LED grow lights and adjust the light spectrum to distribute the exact kind of lighting you want for your crop. All of which can have an enormous positive effect on growth, heightened flavor, and potency.

LED grow lights are important in promoting higher yields, especially when you adjust the variable light spectrum to match your crop’s growth cycles. Cycles will speed up. Yields will increase. And you harvest higher yields and with more annual harvest cycles.

LEDs Live Longer and Are More Economical in the Long Run

If cost has been preventing you from making the switch to LEDs, consider this:  you will save money over the long run with LEDs. That’s because of the much longer lifespan of LED grow lights. LED grow lights usually last for as long as 50,000 hours, with Sanlight High End LED modules getting more than 100,000 hours of lifetime wattage. Compare that to the average lifetime of an HPS bulb – 5,000 – and you’ll find that you won’t be spending money so often in replacing bulbs.


Savings in Energy Make LEDs Cost-Effective

Running on LEDs is the energy-efficient solution. The numbers tell the story: You can expect a 50% or more savings on your lighting-related energy costs by switching to LEDs.

The energy story continues… LEDs also run cool compared to HPS lamps. Which means you can realize significant savings on cooling and ventilation costs. And what does less heat mean? Less evaporation. And less irrigation. It’s an ecosystem of savings with LEDs.

Making the switch from HPS lights to Sanlight Q-Series Gen2 Modules repays in less than 18 months.

Easy to Install. Easy to Maintain.

The LED grow light industry understands what you want in artificial lighting. From reproducing the full spectrum of natural light to being technologically advanced and delivering cost savings in longevity and energy usage. The last thing you want is for this technology to be complicated. And LEDs are anything but.

From set-up to maintenance, everything about using LEDs is built around simplicity. With built-in drivers and turn-key installation, your lighting solution has never been easier. No ballasts or costly bulb changes that you have with HPS. When it finally does come time to switch out LEDs (after more than 10 years), it’s just a matter of plug-and-play – or should we say – “plug-and-grow.”

Personal, Experienced Experts Who Know Your Business.

By now you’re probably wondering why you haven’t made the switch to LED growth lighting. We understand. It’s a big change, and change is not easy. That’s where we come in at Sanlight. We can make the process easy for you with a personalized consultation on location at your business. In this way, we can show you in person the kind of experience LEDs can give you and can customize our luminaire design to suit your specific growing needs.

Let’s grow together.

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